About Us

Jolen Inc. is almost 57 years old brand. Since its inception in 1955, till date it is QUALITY PROMISING. Mrs. Evelyn Kossak along with her husband Mr. John Kossak developed a unique formulation which embarked the journey of Jolen as Pioneers to a very famous and widely used product called as CRÈME BLEACH. This was destined to become the most popular skin care product with every woman in the world. It is Number One crèame bleach in the world when it comes to product uniqueness and quality. Being the largest manufacturer of bleach, Jolen is now a household name and an undisputed choice of customer globally.

In India

Jolen's popularity has been no far from Indian customer. Following to its success outside Indian borders, Jolen products are now available in our home country with good base in neighboring countries too. With its distribution capacity to cater more than 40 countries market, Jolen is now exclusively marketed through India after USA. Kundan Care Products Limited (Kundan Group) takes pride in introducing this lavishing royal and widely accepted brand from USA in India. The start of this golden era was in 2004 when Kundan became the exclusive licensee for Jolen in India and other neighboring countries.

Jolen today is a reputed name to trust for years now and acknowledged universally.
We bring forth wisdom to glorify your lives with beauty and charm.

Our Marketing Head Office is at Delhi with several main branch offices at Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Hyderabad, for effective communication and superior services. With the self motivated and proactive team we have been successful in establishing a good niche in the Indian and neighboring countries market. Combination between creativity and the creative processes is what makes our operations successful.

The retail presence of Jolen is with over 1000 distributors and sub-distributors, serving more than one million outlets all over the country. The manufacturing and R&D units are equipped with skillful manpower, advanced layout, ultra-modern technology used in different processes, assured quality, safety and maintenance processes under the supervision

of Jolen Inc. USA. The uniqueness in formulation and our environmental friendly approach is asset both for the company and community.

We work day in and day out to attain our dreams. What we are today and where we see ourselves years later, is the faith and hard work of the respected employer, employees and business associates who dream for the growth and betterment of our brand. There remains a lot more to explore and offer in this industry. We promise to bring you much more with this exciting and rejuvenating brand, always keeping our standards and quality incomparable.


Our Vision is to capture the hearts of young and old. To make the essence of beauty inside be felt outside & to be the preferred partners for life.


For us, there is nothing that is beautiful and not true. It is all about being confident and comfortable to what we are and we give you another reason to be yourself. We want to be the best in our understanding to customers' need and satisfaction globally.

Our core values lie in serving people all over the world with our quality products and bringing the feel of contentment & recognition to every person associated with us. We want to keep our people challenging for betterment and cherish our relations throughout their lives.


Over 50 years ago, Jolen began in a small, fold-out closet kitchen in Chelsea, NYC.
Today, Jolen beauty solutions can be found in the beauty aisles of some of the biggest retailers,
and praised in some of the most prestigious publications.

  • 1947

    Product Invented
    Jolen was developed in a fold out closet kitchen of a studio apartment in Chelsea, NYC.

  • 1958

    Mail order sales begin

  • 1961

    Sales in Filene's

  • 1964

    Manufacturing facility opened in Fairfield, CT First drug store retail sales in USA (Original formula only)

  • 1965

    First magazine advertising

  • 1966

    Expansion to England

  • 1968

    Expansion to Canada

  • 1975

    Expansion to the Middle East

  • 1993

    Expansion to Asia

  • 1994

    First sales in Walmart

  • 2013

    Expansion to Africa

  • 2014

    Expansion to South America